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Check to see which session each person is teaching in. We have a lot of 
different sessions.
--College Policy Debate
--College NFA-LD Debate
--College Parliamentary Debate
--Coach/Teacher Debate Workshop
--Debate Across the Curriculum Teacher Workshop
Katie Baxter-Kauf, University of Rochester*_
After a successful career debating for Macalester College, Katie coached 
the Blake School in Minnesota to a National Championship. Now at the 
University of Rochester, she has helped lead that squad to consecutive 
top ten sweepstakes finishes and a JV National Championship.
Sessions: High School Policy, College Policy

_*John Boyer, Lafayette College*_
John is one of the only NFA-LD coaches to have debated NFA-LD all four 
years in college. Currently a coach at Lafayette College, John coached a 
finalist, semifinalist and four quarterfinalists at NFA Nationals 
finishing in the top three in sweepstakes twice while at Central 
Michigan University. John's teams routinely run some of the most 
progressive arguments on the NFA-LD circuit and he is currently a member 
of the NFA-LD National Committee. John has 10 years of experience with 
NFA-LD specifically and has also coached parli at the Univesity of Notre 
Dame and policy at the University of Puget Sound.
Session: NFA-LD

_*Kevin Kuswa, University of Richmond*_
Kevin was top speaker at NFL Nationals (Albuquerque Academy) as well as 
NDT Champion (Georgetown). He earned a doctoral degree from the 
University of Texas. One of America?s most creative coaches and 
respected judges, he has swiftly built a strong program at Richmond, 
this year qualifying two teams for the NDT.
Session: College Policy.

_*Jackie Massey, University of Oklahoma*_
Wherever he has coached, his teams have reached the eliminations rounds 
at the national tournaments in the format where his teams competed, 
including the NDT and CEDA Nationals. He single-handedly started a 
debate program at Oklahoma and he has quickly turned it into a national 
powerhouse, this year reaching the octafinals at the NDT and the 
quarterfinals at CEDA Nationals. He is a gifted teacher who tries to 
create new and innovative ways to make powerful arguments.
Session: High School Policy, College Policy

_*John Meany, Claremont Colleges*_
After a brilliant policy debating career at Boston College, he has 
become a successful coach and teacher in all formats of modern debating 
and one of the activity?s most creative thinkers and strategists. He has 
written three debate textbooks in the last few years and currently 
directs one of the world?s largest and most successful debate programs 
at the Claremont Colleges.
Sessions: High School Public Debate, High School Policy Debate, 
Teacher/Coach Workshop, College Policy Debate, College Parliamentary Debate.

_*Gordie Miller, University of Rochester*_
After a successful debating career became a coach and has worked at 
several schools, and each time the program has been characterized by 
excellence. He has coached the top speaker at CEDA Nationals, the JV 
National Champion team, and countless other debate successes. At WDI he 
has been a high school attendee, a college attendee, a faculty member 
and an administrator.
Sessions: High School Policy, College Policy

_*Glenn Prince, Western Kentucky University*_
Glenn is the Director of Debate at Western Kentucky University. In 2004, 
he won the NPTE. In 2005, he coached the NPTE champions. In 2006, Glenn 
coached the 2006 NPDA Top Speaker, the 2nd Place Season Long Sweepstakes 
Champion, the NFA-LD Sweepstakes Champion, NFA-LD Semifinalist, and the 
2nd speaker at NFA-LD. In his first year, Glenn has focused on building 
a squad that focuses on both parliamentary debate and NFA-LD.
Session: NFA-LD Debate

_*Joe Schatz, Binghamton University*_
A successful debater for Binghamton during its club days, as a coach Joe 
has steadily built a powerhouse program at his alma mater. This year he 
led his program to top ten finishes in both CEDA and NDT national 
sweepstakes. A tireless coach and argument innovator, Joe brings a 
strong appreciation for what it means to debate for a smaller school and 
have high aspirations because he has been there and he has done that.
Session: College Policy.

_*Kate Shuster, Claremont Colleges*_
Past NDT champion while a debater for Emory, now a leading parliamentary 
debate educator as well as director of one of the largest debate 
outreach efforts in the world in California. She has written two 
parliamentary debate textbooks as well as a speaking and debating 
textbook for middle school students. She is almost universally 
recognized as one of America?s finest debate teachers and mosy engaging 
Sessions: Middle School Public Debate, College Parliamentary Debate.

_*Alfred Snider, University of Vermont, WDI Director*_
Has coached three teams to national semifinals and was an NDT 
semifinalist as a debater for Brown University. Has coached two national 
novice champion teams and three JV national champion teams. Now directs 
the largest policy debate squad in America. He has published extensively 
on the theoretical and practical aspects of debating, including three 
books in the last sixteen months. He is the originator of the gaming 
paradigm for debate. He has in recent years been engaged in an effort to 
expand debating on a global basis, and has done debate training in over 
fifteen different countries and directed major training institutes on 
three continents. He has won the Glenn Pelham, George Ziegelmueller, 
John A Jacobsohn and Don Brownlee awards for outstanding debate coaching 
and service. He is also currently the director of tournament operations 
for the National Forensic League's national championship speech and 
debate tournament.
Sessions: All.

_*Sarah Snider, Kansas State University*_
As a successful college debater she reached the elimination rounds at 
the NDT and CEDA Nationals. She was previously a coach at the University 
of Vermont, then the University of Rochester (winning the NDT 
sweepstakes that year), before becoming the program director of the DC 
Urban Debate League. Was named ?Debater of the Year? in the East her 
senior year, and has also received judging awards and the John A 
Jacobsohn Award for Service to Debate. Now coaches at Kansas State 
Sessions: High School Policy, College Policy.

_*James Thomas, Cornell University*_
In high school was a three-time Georgia state champion and qualified for 
the Tournament of Champions twice. He reached the elimination rounds at 
the NDT and CEDA Nationals four times, was 3rd speaker at CEDA 
Nationals, and placed highly in all major national invitational 
tournaments. He has pioneered new and different ways of making arguments.
Sessions: High School Policy, College Policy.

_*Steve Woods, Western Washington University*_
During a long and distinguished coaching career Steve has coached the 
top speaker at CEDA Nationals as well as the CEDA National champion 
team. At Western Washington he has built a parliamentary debate program 
of breadth and excellence. He has become increasingly active in 
international debating both as a coach and as a theorist.
Sessions: College Parliamentary, College Policy.


_*Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore*_
He is the director of the Society of Associated Intertertiary Debaters 
in Singapore that helps bring debating to new schools and new 
communities including adult debates. He has sponsored and implemented 
countless workshops and tournaments throughout Asia. He has taught at 
workshops in China, Korea and Europe. His limitless energy and sharp 
insight make him popular with debaters worldwide.

_*Bojana Skrt, Slovenia*_
Has developed one of the most prolific debate programs in the world in 
one of the world?s smallest countries. Her high school debaters won the 
English as a Foreign Language World Championship at the World Schools 
Debating Championship held in Canada in 2005. Her university debaters 
are very successful on the European circuit. She has special expertise 
in teacher training, debate across the curriculum, and overcoming 
intercultural barriers in debate. Currently her debaters are featured in 
a prime time weekly television broadcast of debates in Slovenia on a 
program called ?Tekma,? or ?The Match.?

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