[eDebate] History of the NDT Booklet? Thank Bill Southworth

dbteam dbteam
Mon May 1 19:50:00 CDT 2006

Bill Southworth deserves the credit for taking on the thankless job of 
preservationist of NDT history. i was very pleased to judge his Redlands team 
in NDT elims this year. the man has been a top coach for four decades, AND he 
works tirelessly to keep the "past" alive. i was lucky enough to be raised in 
a program with close ties to Southworth, and thus knew early on how badass he 
was/is. to this day, the booklets we received as gifts in 2002 are the best 
"award" i've ever gotten from debate. thanks Bill.


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>I was wondering where I might be able to get extra copies of the HIstory of 
the NDT booklet.
>Those were awesome, and a big thank you to whoever took the time to compile 
all of the information.
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