[eDebate] Congrats to ADI alums; 06 Institute website updated

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Tue May 2 14:39:28 CDT 2006

Once again, the ADI is proud to congratulate their alums who performed
well at the 2006 national championship tournaments.  3 of the top 5
speakers at CEDA, and 2 of the top 4 at the NDT, attended the ADI the
last year!  Posted below is what we hope is a complete list, and please
let me know if we missed anyone.  Also posted below is the website
address, which has been updated for 2006, and our list of faculty.  We
are pleased to note that 8 of our 9 faculty are active Directors, and we
welcome Gordon Stables aboard for his first year.


Alumni list:

Michael Klinger: Champion & 1st speaker (CEDA), Quarterfinalist & 2nd
speaker (NDT)

Brenda Montes: 4th speaker (NDT), 2d speaker (CEDA), Octofinalist (NDT),
Double-octofinalist (CEDA)

Brian Linder: Quarterfinalist & 14th speaker (CEDA), DoubleOctofinalist
& 12th speaker (NDT)

Luis Magallon: DoubleOctofinalist & 5th speaker (CEDA), Octofinalist &
20th speaker (NDT)

Brett Wallace: Quarterfinalist & 12th speaker (CEDA), DoubleOctofinalist
& 14th speaker (NDT)

Andrew Casey: TripleOctofinalist (CEDA)

Chris Crowe: TripleOctofinalist & 9th speaker (CEDA)

Brian Delong: TripleOctofinalist (CEDA)

Mike Kearney: Octofinalist (CEDA)

Kristy Malm: Quad Octofinalist (CEDA)

Jane Munksgaard: Double Octofinalist (CEDA)

Josh Pang: Triple Octofinalist (CEDA)

Parija Patel: Triple Octofinalist (CEDA)

Phillip Rappmund: Triple Octofinalist (CEDA)

Andrea Reed: Double Octofinalits (CEDA)

Kate Ryzoc: Triple Octofinalist (CEDA)

Eric Suni: Quarterfinalist (CEDA)

Chris Thiele: Tripleoctofinalist (CEDA)

Clay Webb: Triple Octofinalist (CEDA)


Website Address: http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/adi.htm


Faculty list:

Dave Hingstman.  DOF at the University of Iowa who has coached an NDT
champion and several first-round teams. 

Greg Achten.  Current DOF at UC Berkeley, the 2004 CEDA national
champion and NDT runner-up. Greg also debated in the final round of CEDA

Jon Bruschke.  Coached first-round teams at two different universities
and has qualified teams for the NDT in all 12 years of his coaching
career while judging the final round of the NDT twice.  His teams have
advanced to the octos or better at CEDA nationals each of the past 4

Becky Opsata.  Currently the DOF at Northridge who has coached numerous
first-round teams while at USC.  She coached the CEDA national champion
that beat Greg Achten in the final round. 

Mike Hall.  Current Assistant Director at Liberty University, ADI
alumni, and very successful debater for Liberty University.  Coached
teams into the elimination rounds at the NDT for Liberty.

Glen Frappier.  Current coach of Gonzaga who has coached numerous
first-round teams.  Former CEDA national champion. 

Gordon Stables.  Current Director at the University of Southern
California, an elimination round participant at the 2006 NDT.  Former
first-round debater for multiple years and elimination round participant
at the NDT. 

Adam Symonds.  Former CEDA national champion and first-round recipient;
currently a teaching assistant at USC.  He is one of the most highly
regarded judges in the nation and judged the finals of both CEDA
nationals and the NDT in 2004. 

Sue Peterson.  Current Director at Pepperdine.  Former debater at Chico
and coach at CSU, Fullerton.


Dr. Jon Bruschke, CSU Fullerton

jbruschke at fullerton.edu



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