[eDebate] topic silliness

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu May 4 08:20:52 CDT 2006

so the topic committee members have to state their thinking publically... 
because there is this big showdown/advocacy for some freak topic wording 
planned and knowing topic member thinking ahead of time helps plan the 
assault... but we don't get to know anything about the freak topics ahead of 

this sounds fun.  the topic committee is being simulcast for those of us who 
aren't going?  so we can just tune in to the exciting bits?

can we set up an official rotting vegetable thrower or 2 in the meeting 
room?  so like we can send in IM notes like "throw 2 rotting tomatoes toward 
the back of the room now please!" to interact effectively with the show?  

Michael Korcok

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