[eDebate] I think I found Jackie's method!

matt stannard stannardmatt
Thu May 4 08:57:12 CDT 2006

...or at least, I'm gonna get in touch with this guy and after he gives me a 
crapload of money, I'm gonna ask him about how to craft resolutions...let me 
know what you think, Jackie. ;)

Dear faithful One,

My name is Dr George R Berge,am the branch and
computer manager here in our bank.I have only written to seek your
indulgence and assistance. I wish to make a transfer involving a huge
amount of bace ?15,000,000.00 {Fifteen Million B.Pounds Sterlings}of
Late Mr John Hughes out of the bank,he died since 1995,till now the
account remains dormat.I am proposing to make this transfer to a
designated bank account of your choice. Thus, for your indulgence and
support, I propose an offer of 25% of the total amount to be yours
after the transfer has been successfully concluded.Your full name and
phone number/fax is need in the first place.

Kindly reply me stating
your interest, and I shall furnish you with the details and necessary
proceedures with which to make the transfer progress. I am anxiously
awaiting your response through my confidential/bank email address:
enquiry.info2 at post.com

Thanks and God bless You.
Dr George R Berge.
My Informations will be given to you
in my next mail.Reply me immediately.

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