[eDebate] Want your tournament on the high school calendar?

Jenny Heidt JennyHeidt
Thu May 4 09:39:07 CDT 2006

E-mail information to Jenny Heidt at jennyh at westminster.net 

Information will be posted to thendca.org  Get it in soon because some
schools are planning travel now and the web page will not be updated
between May 26th and mid-August.  

If you have additional ideas for web links or curricular materials that
we should post to the NDCA web page, you can send me those as well.  The
web page has been expanded quite a bit. We do not want links to college
program web pages unless they have curricular materials on them.  We
also do not want camp ads.  But, anything teaching related would be

Please do not send me things for the calendar like "it will be on the
usual weekend" or anything else that requires editing.  I will have
fewer errors if I can just cut and paste.  Here is a sample of what I

September 16-18 2005
National Earlybird Forensics tournament
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336-758-4848
Entries are open to all on a first-come-first-served basis. 
If you are interested in being hired to judge, contact Ross Smith at
smithr at wfu.edu. 
Email: bannigva at wfu.edu 
Invitation at:

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