[eDebate] Step 1 or Step 2?

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Sun May 7 14:38:00 CDT 2006

The Topic Comittee Chair says:

Reminder that Step 1 (or maybe it's step 2) in the topic process is coming to 
a close tomorrow at noon. If you want your preference to have an impact (and 
we've had several really close elections the past few years) you have to vote 
for the area by noon tomorrow. 

Steve Mancuso 


That could be confusing Sir.  Mostly because Step 1 in the voting process was supposed to include a ballot 
with different topic areas, not areas of a topic area.

I could see how you might get this confused!  However, a small group of people decided we didnt need step 1 
this year from what I understand.

Yes confusing to say the least.


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