[eDebate] Program Retention and Development Discussion at CEDA Summer Meeting

Mikedavis13 at aol.com Mikedavis13
Mon May 8 18:28:23 CDT 2006

A little over a week ago I sent out an e-mail asking for assistance in  
planning the CEDA Summer meeting discussion on Program Retention and  Development. 
I received only one response. We need more help. If you have ideas  or 
experiences to share or just want to participate let me know. 
You can:
1. Share your experiences with starting new programs
2. Share your experiences with programs in decline
3. Recommend solutions to program decline
4. Propose initiative for starting new programs
5. Lots more that I can't include in a single e-mail.
If you will not be attending the meeting please contribute anyway. We will  
hopefully be able to arrange webcasting so all who want to can participate. 
Let's be proactive so that we can stop our numbers from dropping.
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