[eDebate] A new Emporia Head Coach!

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Mon May 8 23:06:59 CDT 2006

[posted with a subject line, so people read it :) - sorry if you get it 

When you decide to leave your children, you want them to be in capable
hands.  I am happy that I am keeping my program in the family.

On behalf of the Emporia State University debate team, I wish to welcome
Eric Short to the Hornet Family.  Eric today accepted an offer from Emporia
State University to become the new Director of Debate for the 2006-07 debate
season.  I know the committee had many fine applicants to choose from, and
labored with their decision, thanks to everyone who applied.

We are excited about Eric coming in.  If Cate is my Crazy Aunt, then Eric is
my nephew, and who better to leave your program with than family.  I hope
the rest of the community will welcome Eric to Hornet Debate, to D III
(where his heart always was ;) ), and to a long line of tradition that
defines the ESU debate program.

I hope you are more successful than I was, as we always wish more for those
who follow us.

The link between ESU and UNI has always been a great one, I couldn't be
happier for Eric, or for ESU.  It's been tough to leave, but I feel a lot
better about it tonight.  Good luck Eric, I look forward to working with you
to make your transition a smooth one.

A new Head Hornet is born!

"Hornets sting in swarms..." and now we have a new leader.

Ken D.

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