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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon May 8 23:11:50 CDT 2006

Baltimore Debate Cooperative
August 14-19 2006
Towson University

Get a jumpstart on the college debate topic with one week of intense
preparation, research and practice debates on the 2006-2007 college debate
topic. Come together with college students from all over the city and
contribute to the debate work at the first ever Baltimore Debate
Cooperative. The Cooperative is a free debate camp, the only cost to you
will be copying and printing whatever evidence you like. We will not provide
food or transportation. This year we cant provide much in the way of frills
but we can provide a place to come together to work on debating the new
topic and building your new teams.

*Each Participant in the Cooperative will receive:*

* *

   - *A full set of evidence produced during the Baltimore Debate
   Cooperative in electronic format.*
   - *Backfiles

   - *At least 5 practice debates.*
   - *Access to backfiles, books and resources on the coming years topic.
   - *Assistance in recruiting and teaching novices, starting a team and
   getting support from your college.*

* *

The focus of this camp is primarily research.  Special trips will be planned
to the College Park and Johns Hopkins libraries and full access to the
Towson library will be available.  But dont let the research drive you away
if there is other stuff you would like to work on let us know and we can
accommodate you.  This experience is intended to give students what they
need to get started debating the 2006-2007 topic.

There is no housing available this year so if you are interested in coming
from outside of Baltimore you will need to make housing arrangements. We can
help you some with that on an ad hoc basis but you should plan on finding
your own housing if you dont live nearby.

Even if your college doesnt have a debate program you can still debate in
college.  There will be several tournaments next fall and spring in the
Baltimore/DC area.  Fees for these events may be waived or reduced for new
teams and there are existing programs that can provide help.  The bottom
line is that if you can find a partner you can debate.  Even better, you can
start a debate program at your college and make sure that the students who
come after you will have the opportunity.

Email andy at budl.org or eskinner at towson.edu to ask questions sign up or make
a suggestion
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