[eDebate] Fwd: Re: topic silliness/VEGETABLES!!!

Adrian Self amself
Mon May 8 23:33:02 CDT 2006

> no worries needed, the mantle of "official" will be
> assumed by somebody
> in attendance.
> although i have a problem with wasting and taking
> veggies from the
> mouths of hungry peoples.
> so, i'll be in charge of procuring appropriate waste
> materials in which
> to fling for those with interactive needs, demands,
> and directions.
> we might even have some leftovers from the Pope room
> still, since some peoples are too afraid to break
bread with dinner companions while in his presence!!!
the official asskisser policy will be enforced, it is
"don't show and don't tell--that is any acts of lips
to butt" but feel free to do whatever you want within
the confines of your own established privacy.
and peoples with the same old tired arguments will be
sent to sit in the corner of wyandotte county

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