[eDebate] kudos to Baltimore Debate Cooperative

matt stannard stannardmatt
Tue May 9 17:53:11 CDT 2006

It's great to see the Baltimore Debate Cooperative get off the ground.

Having collective work experiences based on volunteer instruction and the 
pooling of resources ultimately means that more people can participate in 
debate.  Lowering the economic barriers to debate participation is 
especially important during a time when travel and fuel prices are 
skyrocketing, and the debate community seems addicted to expensive hotels 
and high tournament fees.

Cooperative institutes are one important part of what can and should be a 
larger movement to make debate as close to free as possible.  Ultimately, 
those alternatives will also keep the costs of tuition/salary-based 
institutes relatively low, which means cooperatives even help those who 
attend other institutes.

Please consider hosting a cooperative in YOUR region.


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