[eDebate] (Delurk) Anyone try using Microsoft's OneNote program to organize evidence?

Nicole Beyries nicole.beyries
Tue May 9 19:42:57 CDT 2006


In preparation for my switch to Policy debate for the fall semester (I did
two years of competition in NPTE-style Parlimentary debate and IEs and one
year coaching college parli and judging high school policy, but am way
excited to switch over to evidence-based debate) I've been playing around
with different programs to organize my research/share it with team members.
Has anyone tried Microsoft's OneNote program before? I've used it for class
notes to much success and thought I might try it at ADI this summer and give
it a trial run.

Any other suggestions for windows or linux-based programs that are
compatible with policy debate?

Oh yeah. Hi, I'm Nicole. I'll be competing at San Francisco State if they
can put up with me that long and I'm making plans to attend ADI so as not to
be completely lost in fall. I'm a debate baby too, my parents met at SFSU in
the 70's while my mom was competing and my dad coaching his way through grad
school. They both have MA's in Speech/Comm and used to coach and drag me to
tournaments when I was a kid, so I'm keeping up the family tradition.

So, er, hi!
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