[eDebate] CEDATOPIC: New Blog

Steve Mancuso spmancuso
Wed May 10 12:30:53 CDT 2006

Greetings everyone,

I'd like to announce a new blog concerning the CEDA topic writing 
process.  It's called CEDATOPIC and it is operated by members of the 
Topic Committee.

It is our hope that CEDATOPIC provides the following benefits to the 
committee and our broader community:

? CEDATOPIC provides links to the topic area and wording papers, 
selected online reference resources for the Supreme Court topic area, 
and archives for the discussion and work which the topic committee will 
be conducting in the next month.  This material includes a new report 
concerning the Topic Process - its various steps and documents that 
control it.

? CEDATOPIC as a weblog provides greater organization and immediacy for 
our reporting to you, our reserach, and your research and feedback to 
us.  We will keep it updated during the summer conference meetings 
themselves.  Reminder: the summer topic meeting takes place in Kansas 
City May 31 to June 2.

Please feel free to comment at CEDATOPIC on any of the posts - 
anonymously if you prefer that.

CEDATOPIC was launched yesterday: CEDATOPIC.blogspot.com

Over the next few days we will be working on organizing our questions 
and research areas for the new topic area.  Hopefully the greater 
organization and focus provided by this blog will enable a more 
effective and inclusive deliberation process.  Those are certainly the 

Gordon Stables of USC is the other administrator of CEDATOPIC - in 
fact, the blog was his idea.  If you have any suggestions for 
additional uses of it please let one of us know.

Steve Mancuso

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