[eDebate] Some numbers about middle school debate in baltimore

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri May 12 11:05:13 CDT 2006

Hello folks,

I know people dont post to edebate about middle school unless they want to
brag but i must say i am very proud of our teachers and students we are
preparing for our year end awards ceremony, and calculated the following

This school  year:
254 Students from
18 Schools participated in
568 debate rounds,  that breaks down into
4544 speeches, which adds up to
18176 total minutes of speeches....

Those are impressive numbers to be sure
but more impressive are the students and teachers
who made it possible....

Thanks to all who helped and supported during the year.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore Urban Debate League
Middle School Program

email-andy at budl.org

1800 N. Charles Street
Suite 906
Baltimore MD, 21201
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