[eDebate] FWD DCA Debater #8- Ryan Burke

Jane Munksgaard jane.munksgaard
Sat May 13 09:05:34 CDT 2006

from mandy---

hey can you post this to edebate for me, I don't have posting privledges,

Apparently you have had one too many beers Brett ? last time I checked Burke
has never given me the shocker, not that it is any of your business anyway,
but it was a bad joke that was in a DCA profile that I have been apologized
to for its insensitivity by Dave.

Jane, I believe, was referring to the pasting something on edebate which has
implications (especially when last names are also used)

-          future employers might see this as well as the kids that one
teaches in the summer or anyone else that decides to google a name

-          also I believe you knowledge of rumors is probably different than
Ken Strange, Jim Lyle, or Katsulas?this is just a guess, you might share all
the rumors you believe about people with them, I don't know

Also, considering that I know of dozens of rumors that have been spread
about me that were 100% untrue that people believed, be careful what you
think is true.

Have a great summer everyone!

Mandy Castle
Boston College 2007

and congrats to Burke, he is one of the best people in debate that I know,
both as a person and debater!
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