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Brad Received 39 Total Votes

The Life and Times of Bradley Christopher Hall.

?If animals don?t want to be eaten, why do they wrap themselves in delicious 
-B. Hall

?Don't miss out - I hear he's preparing a Jell-O mold in the shape of the 
entire "Saved by the Bell Cast" (including Tori! Success!).?
-B. Hall

?Do you like runny eggs?? ?I dunno, I don?t like runny poop does that help?? 
  -B. Hall

Little Brad
Brad was born in Manhappenin? Kansas and I had the privilege of getting some 
insight in his childhood. First of all, when he was 3 and his sister was 1, 
I saw with my own eyes how crafty little Brad was. In a great home video, 
Brad unwrapped all his sisters presents and then sneakily stole every one- 
the piano, the flash light, even the vanity set. ?Cawwie? was none the 

He also threw up all the time until about the age of 12. He would throw up 
whenever he was nervous which apparently happened just about everyday. His 
sister apparently as a four year old said, ?will you go ahead and throw up 
already so we can go inside!?  This was on their way to church. Brad is also 
deathly afraid of roller coasters and as a middle schooler threw up in the 
parking lot of Six Flags just at the thought of all those scary roller 

The High School years
So unfortunately it was a bit hard to find funny stories about Brad Hall 
because every time I asked anyone for information and ideas, all they would 
say is ?didn?t he shit his pants?? Yes he did shit his pants. Here?s the 
story. Brad?s senior year he was at a debate tournament at Hays High School 
(same city Fort Hays is located in). Right before the quarters his coach 
came into the bathroom where Brad was washing his hands. As he was coaching 
Brad for the upcoming round, Brad apparently made a very odd face and his 
coach said, ?What did you just do?? Brad said, ?give me 15 minutes.? He 
apparently sharted- thought he had to fart, but it came with a surprise. 
Somehow he cleaned up and still debated in the quarters going commando. He 
proceeded to win the tournament and it was the only tournament he ever won 
in his career. Luckily his superstitious nature didn?t carry over to an 
assumption that shitting his pants would lead to championships.
Also, it is interesting to note that this was one of the very first stories 
Brad told us freshman year. I remember going to an early party and being 
like ?This is the guy that shit his pants, I don?t remember his name, I 
think its Bart.? {the rest of us know that this story was really love at 
first sight for liz-jc}

For debate, Brad was really successful in Kansas. However, their entire neg 
strategy every single round was Executive Order. It took awhile for the 
other Kansans to pick up on this, but at his 7th tournament a team in the 
semis changed their plan to the Executive and Brad had nothing to say so he 

The College Years

Brad also has a tendency to write me love notes and leave them around the 
squad room. For example, a couple of frosh found this one before a practice 

Dear Elizabeth,
You are a dirty slut-ass ho bag.

As you can tell he?s a very caring boyfriend. For example take the following 
conversation that took place in a bar:
Me (almost in tears): ?That guy said that I?m a bitch!?
Brad: ?Hey call a spade a spade, right? Right?? (Tries to high-five me)

Brad?s also not exactly a believer in the ?cleanliness is next to Godliness? 
motto. His room freshman year was something like what I imagine Strauss? 
natural abode to be. That is, the floor was never in sight, mostly due to 
the various items of rotting food covering the place. By halfway through the 
first semester, I stopped even walking through his hall because the smell 
would get to me. Naturally, Leung and Jamie would request him as a roommate 
the next year.

From: Brad Hall <hallbc2 at wfu.edu>
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Subject: RE: Road Trip Movie
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Please verify your identity as the Teaching Assistant Jacob in the 2000
blockbuster hit "Road Trip" starring Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott
and the always lovable Tom Green. Thank you,

Pat Waldinger

Subject: RE: Road Trip Movie
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 17:38:51 +0000
From: "Mathew Dunn" <mat404 at hotmail.com>
To: hallbc2 at wfu.edu

Who the hell is this, and my best role was Mark in the highly-acclaimed
Broadway production of Rent.  You can also check out my new album.  Give
Patrick my love.

Thank You,

At the ADI, he peed off of a hotel balcony onto campers. Multiple times. The 
campers response, no joke, was to gleefully shout "oh my God! BRAD HALL just 
peed on us!!"

The College Debating Years by Jamie Carroll
As some of you may know, BHall isn?t exactly the fastest debater around-I 
think Klinger reads more cards in a single 1ar than Brad read in ALL of his 
college 1ars combined. Hard experience taught me that I needed to force him 
to put the two sheets of paper he didn?t need to get to at the bottom of his 
Often after ambitious 2NC orders, like a disad and a counterplan minus the 
theory, he would have a huge stack of evidence that he wanted me to read in 
the 1nr.

Most people remember Brad for the true arguments he went for-biz con, 
implementation specification, the highway disad (ask Suni about the 
devastating effect decreasing gas tax revenues has on American hegemony).
However, he also has a little-known penchant for argumentation that is, 
shall we say, less than veracious. Bradley Christopher winners, in no 
particular order, include:

-our competitiveness advantage outweighs your Marxism critique.
-rolling to semis at novice nationals with SORT after it was ratified.
-substantial means 25%, you lose because your aff is only 10% (MSU HV).
-aff gets to choose the framework, we pick that you don?t get kritiks (this 
was literally his only response to a Kritik in his 1ar against Wayne FM 
after the entire 1nr was spent on the K?we somehow managed to eke out a 2-1)
-one time the Fort forgot to capitalize the USFG in their ?plan?.
-you said the word federal government in your 1ac somewhere, we?ll pic out 
of that and go for empire.
-you didn?t say anything nice about the federal government in your 1ac, 
we?ll counterplan to do your advocacy thru the USFG (Fullerton).
-you mentioned Mumia, we?ll pic out of that (Long Beach).
-we don?t have enough ground against substantive NATO pullout because they 
didn?t specify their agent (Izak Dunn).
-you offered to let us pick your agent but we don?t wanna so we?re going to 
beat you on ASPEC anyways (Fullerton).
-in the same round, Fullerton argued that we had to consult our authors, so 
we read a card from Adrienne Brovero on aspec.
-multiple wins against ban all fossil fuels cases on a {cardless} ambulances 
pic (no joke, a siren went off in the background right after Brad?s 2nr on 
this subject).
-warming good against the Northwestern precautionary principle case.
-the kritik to do our aff without using the word Middle East would confuse 
Bush so he wouldn?t know where to democratize.
-and of course, who can forget the 1ar on aspec-?their counterplan doesn?t 
specify its agent either, that?s a reverse voting issue because it?s 
premeditated murder.
-got Hardy to waste his whole Cross ex on the ?ban the plan and do the plan? 
permutation. ?Just do the plan and simultaneously ban the plan? ?Just give a 
concession to Russia and don?t give a concession to Russia, its simple.? 
Sits down and tells Speice ?hey you might not wanna go for that perm.?

But despite what the last couple days of his career might suggest, things 
were not all ice cream and sunshine for the young BHall.
Despite qualifying for the NDT as a freshman with David Leung, Brad was not 
eligible because of his inability to get a passing grade in Spanish (a 
problem that I felt obliged to share with him in the name of future CH 
loyalty). Leung was so furious at Brad?s grade failures that he vowed never 
to try to qualify for the NDT again, leaving the real BH only one option for 
a partner the next year.

Early in his career, he had an unusual problem with Michael Greenstein. 
Repeatedly, we seemed to lose on the negative to Emory Gwhatever (I had this 
problem with liz too). No matter what was happening in the round, the judges 
would always have the same RFD. ?Yea, Greenstein just seemed to be ahead the 
whole debate, it?s almost like you?re getting sloppy seconds.?
Curiously enough, we were 2-0 against the Canadian jew on the aff, when Brad 
didn?t have to speak directly after Greenstein.

With Greenstein gone, and Brad finally getting around to telling me what a 
safety word was(not only did he NOT tell me the one piece of information 
against Texas that could?ve helped us, but he kept repeating ?safety word? 
excitedly as he walked back to the room with liz after quarters?), things 
looked pretty bright for Wake CH come senior year?that is, until we were 
informed that Brad was not the only debater with grade difficulties. 
Phillips and Klinger took turns knocking us out of elims early all year 
long, so much so that our first round ranking actually declined from the 
junior year. Despite much hard work before the NDT, I must confess, the 
outlook during the run-up to Evanston was rather grim.

And then Brad went 7-0 on the negative at the National Debate Tournament.

Brad is the best researcher I have ever known, both prolific and with a high 
bar for quality control. As a strategic mind, his ability to differentiate 
good arguments from nonsense was uncanny, as was his ability to connect with 
judges, especially late in his career. I can?t even begin to count the 
number of times his 1ars got us back into debates that I thought we were way 
out of. In more ways than I have time to put on paper, he is an exemplar of 
what debate should be all about, and I would trade away all of our wins(well 
nearly all-not the ones against Klinger or Phillips) rather than get them 
while debating with someone else.

More than that, Brad has been a friend to all of us here at Wake Forest, and 
I will definitely miss both debating with him and, even more, just getting 
to enjoy his company the last four years. The lucky folks are the ones who 
will still be at Wake next year will get to hang out with him and read his 
cards, and I know he will excel as a grad student and at anything else he 
puts his hand to even more than he did as a debater.

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