[eDebate] DCA Humor

Lindsey Lathrop jdicamp
Sat May 13 23:04:29 CDT 2006

I have a few problems posting a response to the DCA bio, I usually don?t 
read edebate, but someone told me I was in a post and upon reading this post 
I was pretty upset.

1.)	I don?t want to be interpreted as a humorless whiny girl bitch as Brett 
Wallace would characterize this response.
2.)	I?m not sure that a response is justified or necessary, I?m juts so 
distressed by the original post that I feel I need to do something to calm 
3.)	I have only spoken with Casey Harrigan 3 times, and I did not ever talk 
with him about my medical history.
4.)	I do not know the other people who were in the email without their 
consent, so please don?t attribute anything I say with their feelings.
5.)	I don?t have a firm grasp on the English language so please excuse my 

And again, while I don?t know if this is the right thing for me to do, it is 
what feels right for me.
Here is my post:
While I might have ?fake tits?, the operation I underwent to have them was 
not out of vanity or on a whim.   I was born with a congenital defect.   A 
testament to the validity of this statement is that insurance paid for my 
surgery.  I had dealt with confidence and self esteem issues all my life 
with this part of myself.  Debate in high school was a good way for me to 
work on confidence while not having to be body conscious all the time.   
This continued into college where I thought the community was far more 
liberal and welcoming, there is only so much I care to take that indicates 
that this is not entirely true.  I do not appreciate my personal decisions 
being aired on a listserve that I do not even participate in.   I would like 
to echo Mandy?s sentiments in regard to future employers seeing these types 
of public postings, and her concerns about students that we coach being able 
to see this.   It is hard enough to take care of spoken rumors.

While ?slut?, ?fake tits?, ?shocker? and ?loose? might be funny little words 
to some people, I think they have severe and potentially unknown 
ramifications on those at the receiving end of such a title.   I think those 
who feel this language is necessary should make absolutely sure that those 
who are being talked about are OK with it to avoid what has happened to me 
in this situation.   While I don?t know if this is the root of the problem 
within our community, these jokes certainly don?t make me feel welcome.  
Jane could be right about why women leave debate.

Lindsey Lathrop

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