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Debbie Lai debbie.j.lai
Sun May 14 00:18:31 CDT 2006

 Hi everyone:

I'm not really sure whether this is my place to post or not, but since many
people have spoken up, I've decided to in an attempt to de-escalate the
situation.  Anyway, I first want to point out that the damage inflicted is
not merely limited to the DCA bio, but to the whole drama at hand?people
were hurt by the bio, and people were *also* hurt by the responses.  I think
that it was (correctly) pointed out that these responses should not have
tried to create a divide between males and females in this activity, but
rather should have shown that hurtful comments toward *any* individual will
always be upsetting.  Although many "victims" of postings were female, and
humor nowadays seems to demean women, I don't think that the reason females
do or do not stay in the activity stems from this humor.

It is understandable that people were hurt, but I also think that this whole
situation is getting out of hand.  We are all mature adults, and although
those hurt have a right to be offended (I mean I was hurt by Cormack's
response), we should *not* let something like this cause more tensions and
divisions.  Although many were caught in the crossfire, I don't think that
the intention was malicious in nature.  The bio and responses should not be
seen as a reflection on debate as an activity, or as a community, but rather
as a reflection of some miscalculated remarks.  The damage may be done, but
it is nothing a few sincere apologies won't help mend; the task for those
hurt is to overcome the desire to hold a grudge and cause further tensions,
and the lesson that all of us have learned is to keep your personal wars
PRIVATE, absent the involvement of others.  Let's just move on and get

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