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Casey Harrigan charrigan
Sun May 14 01:15:35 CDT 2006

I honestly don't want to unduely extend this discussion, but alot of this
must be said:

----- Begin Strauss ------

 Everything that Mandy and Lindsay said is correct.  Casey and I are both
total assholes.  We exercised really really bad judgment in many of the
things we said.  Before anyone posted to edebate about this, I already felt
really bad about this one.  It was flat out stupid, and immature, and
juvenile, and pretty much any other adjective that you want to insert.  I
really regret posting it and wish I could take it back.

For anyone who was upset by this, I truly apologize.  Casey and I both exist
in a very tight group that jokes around with each other in a manner that
would be perceived by many as truly horrific.  To us this is just funny and
fairly standard fare.  Our mistake was in forgetting that not everyone acts
this way or agrees with this, and it was insensitive and unfair to bring
other people into it.  Please understand, when we make an offensive joke
about someone, that doesn't mean we don't like them.  A lot of times it
means we DO like them.  Casey, Ryan and I make jokes about each other in a
manner that is truly without limit or line.   The difference is that when
casey and I make fun of each other, we know the other will not be offended,
and it was absolutely a mistake and inconsiderate to assume that others
would take our joking the same way.

I will also state for the record, Burke did not give Mandy a shocker, and
Brandi does not have an std to my knowledge.  I also have no proof that
Caitlin put on a Burger King crown and gave Ryan the butt.  Then again, I
have no proof that she didn't.  For humors sake, I will continue to assume
that she did, however, its probably not true.

Specifically, I would like to apologize to the following people:

Mandy ?  I feel seriously really bad that you were upset.  Both casey and I
consider you a good friend.

Brandi ? it really wasn't my intention to make you upset.  Please
understand, when I wrote Greta's dca bio, I called her a super mega bitchy
gutterslut with multiple stds (sorry greta), and she is one of my favorite
people in the world.  You should not feel like anything we said in the dca
bio was serious.  I have absolutely no ill will to you and our comments in
the dca bio were way over the line.  I hope that you aren't upset, but if
you are I totally understand.

Lindsay ? I don't even know you, in fact, I didn't know who "Cormacks
girlfriend" was until today.  This makes our comments way worse.  Its one
thing to joke with your friends and another thing to make jokes about people
you don't know.  It was totally over the line and indefensible.  Really, all
we meant was, Cormack is a douche.  We should not have brought you into it.
No apology can really make up for this.

Jennings ? for having to debate with Cormack.  I've never seen Jennings be
anything but nice.  Don't know him all that well, but I like this dude.  Its
not his fault he debated with Cormack.

I know that some people have been hurt by this, and apologizing doesn't fix
this, but it still needed to be done.

I know that Casey feels the same way.  He is a good guy, and in the future,
people should direct their anger about this at me, not him.  I wrote most of
the really offensive parts anyway.


---- End Strauss ----

Boy, I had alot to say but Strauss said alot of it better than I could have.
Seeing people that you like hurt because of things that you did is about the
worst feeling ever. I'm genuinely sorry for the harm I caused. It was
immature, irresponsible, and actually pretty selfish. I want to specifically
apologize to Lindsey, Mandy, and Brandi for what was written. It was a total
jerk move.


P.S. As a total aside, has anyone realized how rediculous it was that
Burke's Gerbil posted to eDebate?. I swear to god that was not Strauss or I.
Someone should claim credit for that masterpiece.
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