[eDebate] women & gossip -- my thoughts

Garrett Scott Abelkop abelkopg
Sun May 14 12:39:32 CDT 2006

"Do not get me wrong: men are ridiculed too. But in a different fashion.
For women, the gossip almost always has to do with their sexuality and
sexual endeavours. Just look at the post about Burke's DCA award: every
joke in there about women were about sexuality (sluts, fake tits, STDs,
"giving the butt," shockers, etc.). Guys get teased and gossiped about for
many reasons also, but sex is often only a minor part, and usually even then
only involves gossip about who they hooked up with and/or what they were
able to get away with when they did--but not more intimate details that
women are gossiped about. " - Anonymous Debater 

This is ridiculous - all I do is get made fun of for my sexuality and sexual 


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