[eDebate] debate women jokes- read and learn

Katie Richey katerichey
Sun May 14 13:54:45 CDT 2006

I'm sitting on a beach right now picking up wireless from one of the
hotels..........*i can't believe* i'm responding to this but i was so
fucking pissed when i read all these posts

Obviously jokes are made about men AND women in debate.  what a dumb arg.
brett, a joke about theile peeing on someone does not = a joke about sexual
history or someone's fake boobs.  The jokes/gossip/atomosphere created in
the debate community that center around debate women's sexual
image/history/activities and how that spills over into her intellectual
credibility in debate rounds (as debater or critic) is toxic. The fact that
Lindsey felt the need to defend her *breasts* on edebate is fucking
ridiculous (bless you for trying though).  No one is innocent -almost all of
us participate in creating that atmosphere (myself included). this is not
boy vs. girl.

*Should* we have to put up with it?  No.  Do we have to put up with it if we
wanna stay in the activity? Yes.

I admire each and every woman in debate and her way of dealing with it.
Some of us post angry diatribes to edebate, some of us file complaints with
our administrations, some of us act like we don't care and laugh it up with
the rest of the guys in the van when the jokes are being made, some of us
get first rounds and win tournaments, some of us never go to the bar or hang
out socially at tournaments so rumors can't ever get started, some of us
wear miniskirts and leather boots and joke about bondage and safe words,
some of us get together and get drunk and speculate about who has the
smallest dick in debate, some of us get married and bring our families to
tournaments, some of us end up crying in bathrooms because everyone thinks
we slept with a guy we were seen talking to for 5 minutes at the previous
tournament, some of us don't give a fuck about it and some of us do, some of
us get creeped out when old man judge X stares at our boobs in the 1AR and
some of us think it's funny, some of us show up in DCA bios and are called
sluts and bitches, some of us hang out with the guys and make fun of the
women we think are sluts too, some of us defend them and some of us don't.

Every woman in debate deals with it the way that she knows best.  *We all
know it's there (whether we admit it or not), and we struggle to prove
ourselves smart enough, good enough, fast enough, funny enough, not too much
of a slut or a bitch to be accepted by a community dominated by men*.  why?
b/c most of the women who have made it this far LOVE debate.  And I think we
do a damn good job.

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