[eDebate] anonymous postings & Lindsey

Sarah Snider sjsnider
Sun May 14 14:06:07 CDT 2006

I think its terrible that some people perceive edebate and our community so
hostile that they feel the need to post anonymously in regards to men
objectifying women in DCA bios.

This speaks volumes about the nature of our community. I've never had a
problem expressing my opinion, and I have definitely taken the wrath that
comes along with it. But not everyone wants to deal with 50 backchannels
calling you a liar or a bitch. And they shouldn't have to. This is something
that needs to change about the way we listen and hear what people have to

I've only met Lindsey once, but I can definitely tell you that I have heard
more about her boobs from people at tournaments than I have heard anything
else about her, and it disgusts me.

When so called "cool" debate people talk about Lindsey's boobs younger
debaters hear it and they come home from tournaments talking about her
boobs. It really pisses me off the lengths that I have to go to in order to
explain to my own debaters that its not ok to talk about anyone's body that
way regardless of whether or not it has been surgically altered.

And sometimes I think if there weren't women on our coaching staff, then our
debaters would never know that its not ok.

I also agree with the anonymous posting that even women who don't hook up
with people a lot get labelled as debate sluts. I've woken up in the morning
at tournaments after crashing out early the night before to hear that I'd
hooked up with people I had never met. Sometimes it's laughable, but mostly
it just sucks.

Why would women who have to endure this want to stay in the activity? They
are afraid to tell you who they are, their bodies are objectified, and they
are made out to be promiscuous. It sucks and this activity is all talk and
no action on this issue.

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