[eDebate] DCA Debaters Numbers 1-6

DCA Awards dcaawards
Sun May 14 15:41:10 CDT 2006

given the recent controversy, no more DCA Bios will be posted on this end.
the dca can continue, sans the bios.  below are the remaining debaters and
how many votes they received.  the results of all the other questions will
be posted by tomorrow after all the tallying is done.

DCA Debater #1-

Klinger, Michael, Harvard, 316 Votes

DCA Debater #2-

Branson, Josh, Northwestern, 204 Votes

DCA Debater #3-

Phillips, Scott, Emory, 146 Votes

DCA Debater #4-

Wickersham, Craig, Berkeley, 99 Votes

DCA Debater #5-

Smith, Brian, Dartmouth, 98 Votes

DCA Debater #6-

Harrigan, Casey, Michigan State, 42 Votes
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