[eDebate] Topic/Summer Meeting--PLEASE READ

Darren Elliott delliott
Tue May 16 22:30:30 CDT 2006

A few things below regarding hotels, attendance, and flight info.

If you are coming to the CEDA Topic and/or Summer meetings and have made hotel reservations please let me know:

1.  Arrival Date
2.  Hotel you are staying at
3.  Room type
4.  Departure Date

I want to make sure the checkin at our hotels go as smoothly as possible.  The best way for me to help you is for you to share this info with me.  I will double check your info with the hotel people and their rooming lists.  Please take the time to send me the info.

If you are coming to the meetings but staying with friends, family, the local YMCA, etc. please let me know that as well.  I would like to have a rough head count to make sure the room we are in is suitable for all in attendance.

If you are flying in and need a ride I need this info ASAP.  Please send me name(s), flight arrival time and date, airline, and departure date and time.

I will be posting other details about KC outings and the like shortly.

Looking forward to hosting you all in KC!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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