[eDebate] no more complaining allowed

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Thu May 18 08:34:52 CDT 2006

Ok, I've been reading edebate the last week or so in between doing courts 
research, and couldn't help but notice that no one has discussed the courts 
topic in a while.  Normally I wouldn't find this so strange, but there 
seemed to be a lot of pissing and moaning about how closed off the topic 
process was.  It's mighty convenient that everyone complains when the topic 
is announced, but no one participates in the one month run-up to the topic 
meeting.  Maybe those who were against the topic process formed a 
counter-secret community, and I wasn't invited.  I have gotten zero e-mails 
with student input over the last month.  How can their be a student rep if 
there is no student (or coach, for that matter) discussion over what people 
want in a topic?  I'm not saying we all need to be cutting cards and doing 
research right now, but there hasn't even been discussion on the format and 
types of ground everyone wants the topic to cover.

I thought people were angry because there wasn't enough open discussion and 
transparency in the topic creation process...why aren't any of the 
detractors talking in the most open and transparent forum available in 
intercollegiate debate?  This is ridiculous.

I hope in the coming weeks students/coaches/whoever wants their opinions 
heard and discussed will either do so on edebate or send me an e-mail.  I 
have been doing a lot of preliminary research (mainly on affirmative 
action), and this is going to be a hard topic to write correctly.

Could people maybe reconsider discussing the courts topic?  I know I haven't 
been on edebate posting all of my thoughts, but I'm already in the secret 
topic com., so I have get to sit in on all of the chamber meetings.  Don't 
worry, the secret topic society hasn't decided anything too specific yet, 
that doesn't happen until Mancuso performs the blood-sacrifice ritual on a 
virgin chicken.

In the meantime, i'm going to periodically post to edebate harassing 
students for input until I get at least a couple of different squads from 
each NDT district to give me some thoughts and opinions on what they want 
out of a courts topic.

no more complaining allowed.  If you only want to speak up when you are 
pissed off or want to complain, but not when you're being invited and 
included, then you provide no productive discussion whatsoever.

malcolm gordon


ps-if you're coming to the topic meeting....don't forget to bring a towel!!

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