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May, 16 2006

Friends, colleagues, and debaters everywhere,

We invite you to join us at the Frederick Douglass Debates, *December 2nd &
December 3rd 2006*, in Towson, MD.  We will offer 5 preliminary rounds of
debate and break to quarterfinals in varsity and in novice. If a JV division
is viable we will offer one. This tournament will be CEDA sanctioned and
will use the 9-3-6 time limits with 10 minutes of preparation per team per
round. We will debate the CEDA topic.

We offer start times conducive to commuting (10:00 Saturday and 9:30 Sunday
start times) and a schedule which allows humane but hardworking days (done
by 8:30 Saturday and Sunday). We have not negotiated a hotel deal but can
provide information for you about rates and group discounts at local hotels.

We have a low and negotiable entry fee of 15 dollars per team. There are fee
waivers for new programs, teams with Urban Debate League Alums and colleges
willing to donate significantly to the tournament. If the fees are a problem
talk to us and we can work something out.

We do not provide meals, but will provide snacks and coffee all day long and
will have 90 minute lunch breaks. We will also coordinate several delivery
orders at registration. There are many good options in Towson and in the
area and we will provide extensive food guides.

Registration will be at 10:00AM Saturday December 2nd, and entries are due
via debate results (www.debateresults.com) by Wednesday November 29th at
5:00 PM eastern time.

Details are provided below, please contact me if you have any questions
(240-285-083 or andy at budl.org).

Join us in Baltimore at a wonderful time of year.

Andy Ellis                                      Beth Skinner
Chris Baron

* *

* *

* *

*ELIGIBILITY & EXPECTATIONS*: The tournament is open to any two-person team
of undergraduate students. Teams in all divisions will be expected to engage
switch-sides debating. Maverick entries are discouraged and allowed at the
discretion of the tab room director. Towson may enter teams and those teams
can clear in all divisions. Hybrid teams will be accepted. Novices should meet
the CEDA standards for novice eligibility. Varsity is open to any

*ENTRIES & FEES:* Please enter via debate results www.debateresults.com, you
will receive a confirmation. Fees $15 per team OR free for programs that
include at least one UDL alum or are new this season. Entry fees cover
awards and snacks each day for competitors and the judge covering the team.
Observers are welcome and can either pay $5 per day for snacks or choose to
bring their own food.

 *FORMAT: *The tournament will have 5 preliminary rounds; advancement to
elimination rounds will be based on (1) win-loss record, (2) total speaker
points, (3) adjusted speaker points, and (4) strength of opposition.
Speakerpoints may be given in .5 increments.

The first two rounds will be pre-set.  Round 3 will be paired off rounds 1 &
2. Round 4 will be paired of rounds 1-3 and round 5 will be paired off of
rounds 1-4. Sides in round 5 will be randomly assigned by the computer tab
program. Time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep time. Elimination
round sides will be determined based on (1) reversing sides from a prelim
meeting, (2) individual coin flips.

*JUDGES:* One judge is required to cover every two teams. One judge covering
one team is responsible for 3 rounds. All judges are committed to one round
past their teams' elimination.

A very limited number of judges may be available for hire through the
tournament at $100 per uncovered team. Contact us early if you need help
finding judges. Judges should meet the standards of the sanctioning

*HOTELS:* We will provide lists of hotels in the area and their price
throughout the spring and summer. Until we can assure enough non commuting
presence we will not negotiate a hotel deal. We encourage you to make
arrangements with other teams coming from outside of the area and will
facilitate group arrangements when we can. Check edebate and the Baltimore
College Debate's website (currently http://www.myspace.com/bmorecollegedb8)

* *

* *

* *

*TRAVEL: *Towson is easily accessible from the I-95 corridor to the north
and south and from the I-70 corridor to the west. Towson is 100 miles from
Philly, 70 miles from Harrisburg, 80 miles from Hagerstown, 60 miles from
DC, 70 miles from Wilmington Delaware and less then 50 miles from Bowie and
Annapolis. More information can be found here

* *

*PARKING:  *We suggest you park in the Towsontown Garage or Visitor Lot 6
and Lot 5 if it is open. You can drop students off at the circle between
Psychology and Linthicum. Please see the map at
more information.
* *

*FOOD: * We do not provide meals however you can bring your own lunches,
order food or visit nearby eating establishments during the 90 minute lunch
breaks.  We will also coordinate several big delivery orders during
registration. Snacks will be provided through out the day and coffee will be
available through out the tournament.

*Saturday 12/2*

10:30 Round 1
12:30 Round 2
2:30 Lunch
4:00 Round 3
6:30 Round 4

*Sunday 12/3*

9:30 Pairings released
10:00 Round 5
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Quarters
3:00 Awards
3:30 Semis
6:00 Finals
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