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Alfred C. Snider Alfred.Snider
Thu May 18 11:58:25 CDT 2006

Hello from Mexico. Here is what is new at

I am not getting to update as often as I would like because of sporadic 
internet access, but it is lovely here on the beach in Baja California 
and the world keeps moving.

Upcoming: Jason Jarvis concluding his report on All-Asian tourney, prep 
for NFL nationals, and more news...

Date    Title
May 10  Council on Foundations Part 3
May 10  Mexico in May
May 13  Tony Grobe will be missed
May 13  All Asian Intervarsity Debate Championships Part 3
May 13  Tuna Make Over
May 15  World Schools Debating Championship - Info & Topics
May 17  Wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz

No new ones, but here is a good way to see what has recently been added

No new ones, but here is a good way to see what has recently been added

Video and radio loading will continue when I return to Vermont in June.

Best wishes,


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