[eDebate] Scenarios for case lists

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Mon May 22 09:14:27 CDT 2006


The one thing I agree with Kelly on is we should have options with the ballot, not a trend.
I think the TC sees this.

I disagree with the idea of a "silent majority" on edebate.  Sometimes its the vocal minority.

About the issue:

If we have cases, what happens when most of the literature says that overturning one case would do nothing, as opposed to no lit that says overturning one case will do a lot.  Then its another negative year.

I am not a fan of lists, and some of the topic wordings on the blog are interesting like:

The Supreme Court should overrule one of its decisions holding that a government action or law did not violate the First Amendment.

This would at least give the affirmative the ability to choose what to affirm, rather than it being etched into the resolution.

Having only a few cases specifically to choose from seems boring and cheats us of a broader education concerning the United States Supreme Court rulings.

This is definately the broad/narrow debate that we have been having for years.  The key question is where is the compromise?



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