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Mon May 22 16:48:46 CDT 2006

Immediately below is a list of confirmed registrations for the 2006 Wyoming 
Debate Cooperative.  Below that list is a reprint of registration and cost 
information for the WDC.

If you are not on this list but should be, contact me immediately.  Likewise 
if you are on this list but should not be.

In a few days, you or some representative from your school will receive more 
information via email.  In the meantime, please let me know if you have any 

Bill Neesen, CSU-Long Beach
Jimbo Maritato, Marist College
Tyler Thornton, Cameron University
Izak Dunn, Idaho State University
Ken DeLaughder, Emporia State University/Washburn College of Law
David Sommers, Unaffiliated (we'll call him an honorary UW Cowboy)
Seth Ellsworth, University of Wyoming
Chris Crowe, University of Wyoming
Sara DeGroot, University of Wyoming
Jason Nichols, University of Wyoming
Jeremy Weaver, University of Wyoming
Emily Cram, University of Wyoming

Policy Debate Participants So Far:

Western Illinois University:
Alex Heuer
Pat Hogan

Marist College:
Chris Kozak
Margeaux Lippman

Illinois State University:
Alex Berger

University of Wyoming:
Will Jensen
Josh Schmerge
Travis Cram
Aaron Lyttle
Jamie Piechura
Kathleen Vernon
Matt Goetter
Travis Beach
Kristen Brown
Tony Johnson
Kelly Nickel
Caleb Schmerge
Mike Bausch

Still waiting to hear from:
and anyone else who wants to send coaches or students

Parliamentary Debate Participants So Far:

Cal State Long Beach:
Coohtunich Partansky
Amber Lundy
Kyle Whalen

Albertson College:
Sasha Inskeep

Cameron University:
Lauren Barbour
Bethany Beck
Greg Walker
Cathryn Good
Malinda Rust

Drury University:
Spencer Harris
Mark Dapp
Brett Marler

Northern Arizona:
Carrie Robin Menapace
Rebekah Lauzon
Chelsea Drucker

University of Oregon:
Katherine Preston

Carroll College:
Kevin Olp

UC-San Diego:
Zachary Schultz
Marquesa Cook

Arkansas State University:
April Austin

University of Wyoming:
Jess Ryan
Danielle Jensen
Tony Roberts
Lindsey DeVries
Brittany Parsons
Cecil Moon
Eli Tatro

Still waiting to hear from:
...anyone else who wants to send coaches or students

Registration Information:

The Wyoming Debate Cooperative, a cooperative debate work experience for 
NDT/CEDA, parliamentary, and NFA LD debaters and coaches, will take place 
August 1-14, 2006 in Laramie. Cost is $250 for housing and lab fees. 
Although it is highly recommended that everyone come for the entire 
cooperative, parliamentary and/or NFA LD debaters may come for the first 
week only ($125), August 1-7. In limited circumstances, evaluated on a 
case-by-case basis, parliamentary and/or NFA LD debaters may come for the 
second week only, August 8-14 (also $125). If you're doing NDT/CEDA, the 
default expectation is that you'll be here for the duration.

If you need transportation from and to the Denver Airport (DIA), we'll get 
you here and there for $20 a person.

We would like to begin compiling our list of students and coaches attending. 
So if you plan to attend, please email me at stannard at uwyo.edu with the 
following information:

--Your name
--Your phone number
--Your email address
--Your school
--Type(s) of debate you'll be participating in at the cooperative
--Years of debate experience ("this year I will begin my ___ year of 

You may also use that email address to ask me any specific questions about 
the cooperative.

Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union

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