[eDebate] operation handcuffs

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed May 24 09:07:03 CDT 2006

dear dabaiters and dead leaders seeking impeachment (we have cc'ed DICK 
cheney+worst president) on this activist measure,

to celebrate scumbag rove, whose dirty tricks emblemize the tactics of the 
republican party and all those egghead dabaiters who stuck by him for years 
on this list-serv b/c they believe in nazi manipulation, to celebrate 
fucking scumbag rove's indictment, the schizoliberation front is calling on 
all liberal, communist dabait coaches w more than subsistence incomes to 
purchase bundles of toy and real handcuffs to be distributed to hundreds of 
high school and college students and mailed to the white house.   an 
indictment is NOT good enough and the slf is seeking public humiliation and 
ridicule of the worst administration in history by  those of you who HATE 
this administration more than any administration in history.  rub in this 
low point in presidential history.   send all handcuffs to:

Attn: Worse than Nixon
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

there is no bigger laugh that you can get for your money.   we are so 
excited that worst president ever stole 2 elections through cheating b/c now 
the cheating is catching up to the Republican Cheater Party who will now 
lose control of the house of representatives and then the executive and the 
senate and be fucked for a long time to come.   crazy, hysterical neocons 
have buttfucked the republican image.  we are so grateful for the brazen, 
arrogance and utter stupidity of the worst administration in history that we 
want you criminals to have some souvenirs for all of your good work.

the slf supports black magic to DESTROY the republican party through the 
escalation of this scandal to impeachment of at least cheney and hopefully 
worse than nixon too.   already you can see that our black magic is working 
since we started the rove resignation campaign almost 3 years ago on this 
site when all of you were gun shy pansies:


pull the trigger and wipe your cum, vaginal juice, menstrual fluid, urine 
and feces on those handcuffs you just purchased to further curse the 
administration that you HATE.   it is high time to reverse the black magic 
media manipulation that karl roverer stands for.   white cuffs for a white 
house on a black day...

this is worse than watergate and the effects will be proportional.   the 
black magic centralization of the executive branch which is virtual attempt 
at dictatorship has failed.  dabaiters should commence the formation of 
popular committees to decentralize the government and offer future 
protections against crazy right wing neocon attempts at martial law.

humiliation and decentralization scarred the republicans after watergate and 
this time we are going for the jugular to insure the dissolution of the 
republican nazi DICKheads forever.  we are going to send the lunatic neocons 
back to israel.

pls fwd this post to all of your high school and college friends who have 
been more than ready to pull a big prank on the assholes in the white house.


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