[eDebate] malcolm--a freakin hilarious fwd

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu May 25 04:19:24 CDT 2006

This post is from Justin Stanley.  He asked me to forward it to edebate.  His rhetorical analysis is amazing and right on the money.  You cant miss this!


Will you post this to Edebate for me?
Knowing Malcolm since the days of Ozark I agree completely with Chief's post. Let me do the dissection according to Chief's original categories

Self deprecating humor 
"You are correct about Ozark, we do still use the pig". 
Sarcasm and Self Deprecating humor
"We have also banned all Mavs related basketball because it's got too much "fancy hot doggin'". 

Self Deprecating humor, but not sarcasm since it is true
"We play it hard, because when you play every game against your 
brother-in-law/cousin/grandfather (all same person) you have to play better 
than just sweat, because blood's thicker than sweat"
"I will have to officially stand against the Chief's opinion regarding 
debate. Please, Chief, if you are going to expose me at least wait until 
I'm done debating." 
Self Deprecating Humor
"Seriously, no one wants to see me exposed." 
a hint of unpreparedness
PS- Hoe, I'll take care of you later. Your points are weak sauce, 
 a hint of unpreparedness
which is why the soon-to-be-ending happy hour takes precedent over your post. 
A hint of Unpreparedness  mixed with some sarcasm
You just play some everquest or something 'till i get back to the computer. 
The reason he gets speaker awards is because of his unprecedented ability to mix and match his three rhetorical strategies so effortlessly.   I too made the mistake of thinking that it was his logic and reason that got him the awards**.Then I read his original Mavs post.  Malcolm, I have been telling you since high school to think before you go typing*.

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