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Darren Elliott delliott
Fri May 26 13:33:36 CDT 2006

This last week has been crazy for most of us with Graduations, Final exams, etc.  I have not taken time to post many thoughts on the topic here or on the blog.  However as we are less than a week away from day 1 of the Topic Meeting I would like to make a couple observations and throw out some thoughts.
1.  Ede is not being engaged on his concerns of race and class as it pertains to "choice" versus "best" and I find that somewhat disheartening.  I agree with him that this topic gives us a unique opportunity in the community to focus on issues paramount not only to society and the legal system, but also to the microcosm that is College Debate.  The silence is deafening and I hope Ede chooses to come to KC and engage us all and continue to make us think and react because "action" seems a remote possibility.  "Reaction" may be all that is left and I hope Ede stays the course.
2.  What I find particularly odd, and quite frankly it took one of my other coaches to point this out, is that none of the case area being discussed deals with Gay Rights.  Like Race, Gender and Class, this seems to be an area ripe for discussion.  Many term Gay Rights as the new Brown or new Roe.  The role this court will play in terms of Gay Rights from adoption to marriage to employee benefits may be a role larger than any court has ever played before and decisions will be far reaching.  The balance of the Court also makes this area ripe for discussion.  And like Class and Race, this is an area seemingly perfect for our community whether you want to throw down on the politics side (the ev will be quite good) or the activism side.  
So I will try and add more in detail over the weekend as well as details on the conference itself.  In the meantime I think our community would be well-served by a healthy discussion of all of these issues.
Thanks for reading,
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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