[eDebate] Fundamental Rights Topic

cleary at ou.edu cleary
Sat May 27 17:01:48 CDT 2006

This is one of the better suggestions to date. I think the first or second sample resolution offered would work fairly well.  

Alot of these areas do all involve the same topic, however. For example, debating a fundamental right to partial birth abortion, homosexuality, the right to die, and non-traditional familial rights all likely fall within a fundamental right to privacy which the Supreme Court finds within the liberty clause of the 14th Amendment. It seems like if you are going to include all of these areas, you should just have a "privacy" topic, and include that wording in the resolution ("the USSC should recognize a fundamental privacy right...."). This would limit the mechanisms the AFF could use and create good K and CP ground.

It might be important to include a diversity of areas to recognize a fundamental right within, however.  In an alternative resolution, it might be beneficial to include one of those "privacy" areas but other areas like voting that do not fall within privacy jurisprudence.  Discussing something like voting rights could encompass many different issues (felons' rights, racial issues, redistricting, etc).  I guess the most important question is: do we want a diverse topic or a more narrow one? 

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