[eDebate] house resolution 635 -- da impeachment resolution

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sat May 27 20:12:02 CDT 2006

all ye high school and college students ready to hang the administration fwd 
on this email to all like minded haters of the old fogey fascists in the 
honkey house.   there is a loaded gun resolution on the floor of the 
congress right now presented by conyers from michigan.   let's make this the 
most known resolution in the land.   time to escalate and decentralize b/c 
the attempted the dictatorship represents the white forces of death and 
evil.  the KKK boyz in the honkey house will tell you that res 635 is the 
ravings of a crazy nigger but we know better.   conyers is a distinguished 
member of the congress and it's high to support in him in lynching the worst 
white boy administration in history.   take revenge and pressure the 
congress to do the right thing.  they had no problem fucking us, let's fuck 
them worse.



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