Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sun May 28 19:05:26 CDT 2006

anybody got one good reason not from a crack pipe to stay in iraq?   crazy 
brainwashed US neocon killers should be disenabled from crack smokin, state 
sponsored terrorism...pls, video game girlz and boyz, don't murder 4 fucks 
like big DICK cheney and saddam hand shakin rummy:


"Bush's premise that U.S. troops should simply stay on the ground until Iraq 
gets things right and defeats all insurgent forces and terrorist groups, 
however long it takes, is flat wrong. The U.S. presence is dangerous - to 
the soldiers themselves, to American standing in the world, and most 
tellingly to large numbers of innocent Iraqis.
The emerging story about what happened in November in Haditha, where at 
least two dozen Iraqi men, women and children were apparently shot by a 
small group of U.S. marines, is only the latest indication of what terrible 
things can happen when soldiers are required to occupy hostile civilian 
territory in the midst of an armed insurrection and looming civil war. A 
military investigation is deciding whether any of the marines should be 
charged with murder, and whether a cover-up took place. All these questions 
have awful resonance for those who remember Vietnam, and what that prolonged 
and ultimately pointless war did to both the Vietnamese and the American 
social fabric.
It was somewhat reassuring that Bush and Blair have stopped trying to 
pretend that everything has gone just fine in Iraq, since most of the rest 
of the world already knows otherwise. But it was very disturbing to hear 
them follow their expressions of regret with the same old "stay the course" 
fantasy. It's time for Bush either to chart a course that can actually be 
followed, or admit that there is none."



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