[eDebate] KC BBQ Guide--a must read!!

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon May 29 23:58:18 CDT 2006

BBQ Guide to Kansas City:

Now this is serious stuff folks.  Kansas City is the best BBQ in the country.  Do not try and debate me on this.  Pound for pound, brisket for brisket and rib for rib it doesn?t get better or more diverse than Kansas City. Individual taste will also alter the list below for some.  Wait till you hear a Gates vs. Bryant?s debate between Ken D. and Louie!  One thing is clear.  We are serious about our BBQ in the city so great they put it in two states.  I am listing my favorite places below in top 10 order and ask you to try them out and see for yourself.  If I get the BBQ tour organized for this meeting (meaning getting enough folks interested as if that will be tough) we will hit as many of these places as we can starting from the top and working our way down.  Then if we finish the list we will start over.  I?ve included the addresses and if you need directions to any of these places feel free to ask or map them with the campus (7250 State Ave Kansas City, KS) as your starting point.

1.  Rosedale.  It has just barely slipped above Bryant?s.  It is the oldest BBQ in KCK and tastes great.  The brisket is very tender, the burnt ends are juicy, and the fries are crispy and crinkle cut.  Add to that my favorite appetizer (corn nuggets*yeah deep fried cream corn) and you have the makings for a happy night.  600 Southwest Blvd.  Kansas City, KS.

2.  Arthur Bryant?s.  There is now actually 3 locations.  1 in Village West by the campus, one at the Ameristar Casino, and the original on Brooklyn Avenue in KC, MO.  If left to me making the longer drive to the Brooklyn Ave location is worth it.  The food is better (likely because the pit is the same one from the 1930?s).  They have great meats, lard fried French fries, and 3 distinct sauces.  My favorite is the Rich and Spicy which is actually more sweet than spicy.  If you cant make it to the Brooklyn Ave. location at least make it to the Village West location.  The original at 1727 Brooklyn Avenue in Kansas City, MO.  Location #2 at 1702 Village West Parkway in Kansas City, KS.  Location #3 in the Ameristar Casino at 3200 N. Ameristar Drive in KC, MO.

3.  Gates.  ?Hi May I Help You??  Do not be scared if you hear them yelling this at you before you even enter the door.  They mean it though.  ?Beef on bun to stay please? or the ?Mixed Plate to stay please? are both excellent choices.  Good beans and potato salad too.  They have multiple metro locations including one near the campus and one in KC, MO that serves well past midnight.  And hey if you are staying, ?Grab a tray please!?  1026 State Avenue in KC, KS.  3205 Main in KC, MO.  1221 Brooklyn in KC, MO.  1325 East Emanuel Cleaver Blvd. in KC, MO.

4.  Oklahoma Joe?s.  There is now a new one out in Olathe in a strip mall by where I live but the original is still located inside a gas station in Kansas City, KS.  Yeah, that?s right a gas station.  My favorite onion rings in town.  Big, crispy, and lots of em.  Excellent sandwiches and really good ribs too.  3002 W. 47th Avenue in KC, KS.  11950 S. Strang Line Rd in Olathe, KS.

5.  Wyandotte BBQ.  Just about 2 miles West of campus on State Avenue on the South side of the street, Wyandotte knows how to smoke.  The meats are tender, the pork is excellent, and the brisket is mouthwatering.  The French fries are really crispy as well.  When I walk in the lady at the counter asks, ?the usual??.  Perhaps I eat here too much during the school year.  83rd and State Avenue in KC, KS.

6.  Famous Dave?s.  I know, I know it?s a chain but it has really caught on in KC and seems like it?s home.  Plus for those from other parts of the country they have a variety of sauces from mustard based to Texas Pit to Devil?s Spit.  They are located close to campus, have great meats, excellent drunkin apples, and good cornbread.  As Chris Rock said, ?Aint nothing wrong with that.?  1320 Village West Parkway in KC, KS at the Speedway.

7.  Fiorella?s Jack Stack.  Great sausage, great tender chicken, and a good thick sauce to cover it all in.  They have great fries and a wonderful cheesy corn bake too.  101 W. 22nd St. in downtown KC, MO at the freight house behind Union Station.  Also a location at 9520 Metcalf in Overland Park, KS.  

8.  LC?s.  So I have always seen the sign for this place (the one on Blue Pkwy in Raytown) on the way to Royals games but had never gone.  Then last year Ede Warner tells me it was featured on the food network.  Now call me crazy, but if it gets mentioned by both the food network and Ede I?m thinking it?s gotta be good.  Yep!  Went there with Kelly, Dave and ML last year and I thought it was better than good.  The room you eat in is small and is really just an extension of the counter and kitchen so it is smoky but the food was worth the smoke.  Been around a long time and is a well kept secret.  5800 Blue Parkway in KC, MO.

9.Winslow?s.  Located in the City Market in Kansas City, Winslow?s has been serving smoked meats and home style side dishes since 1971.  They serve a dry rub style of meats and they are open late.  They are worth the drive into the City Market and it may even spark you to check out the other entertainment options right off the river.  20 East 5th St. in KC, MO.

10.  Hereford House.  Sort of expensive restaurant known more for its steaks and libations but the BBQ menu has half a dozen choices and is really, really good.  This place blends the Heart of America (Beef and more Beef) with BBQ and great appetizers. Reservations recommended.  2 East 20th St. KC, MO.  5001 Town Center Drive in Leawood, KS.  

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