[eDebate] CEDA Summer Meeting: Agenda

Steinberg, David L dave
Tue May 30 15:11:26 CDT 2006

Cross Examination Debate Association 

Summer Meetings, Kansas City, June 2-4, 2006



Friday, June 2, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Officer Reports 

(present written reports and generate discussion through Q&A)



1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

Executive Secretary



Topic Committee


NCA Unit Planner (Morris)

CAD Editor


Old Business


New Business

            Patrice/Davis Bylaw Amendment (ref.: CEDA Redistricting)


Discussion Topics

            Sweepstakes reform (Jarman)

            Reform of Individual Awards Procedures (Moore)

            Revision of Sexual Harassment Committee (Sandoz)

            Crisis response/resource packet (Butt)

            Nationals Site Committee (Elliott)

Need to review and update the CEDA Website and Constitution

            Next CAD Editor      

            Additional items


CEDA Committees (identify leadership, membership, mission and charge, with specified outcomes and deadlines)


1.     The Awards Committee (this is chaired by the 1VP, Joe Patrice) and consists of the EC members) 

2.     Competitive Practices Committee 

3.     Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Committee (ML Sandoz)

4.     National Tournament Evaluation Committee 

5.     Nominating Committee 

6.     Professional Development Committee 

7.     Professional Ethics Committee 

8.     Program Development and Retention Committee (Mike Davis)

9.     Public Relations Committee 

10.  Research Committee (Chaired by the 2VP, Darren Elliott) 

11.  Student Leadership Committee 


Breakout into Work Teams

1. Assessment. The ultimate goal of this team is to create a document providing guidance for debate program assessment, including identification of mission, objectives, and measurement. Such a document would not be intended to impose or elevate specific expectations, but to guide administrators and directors in development, promotion and 
assessment of debate programs. The goal would be self-reflection and improvement, and support for individual program promotion. The end goal may be a document of guiding principle for both process and objective, as well as a program of external consultation by a CEDA certified visiting team or individual expert. 

2. Diversity. This team should revisit CEDA's documents and organizational commitment to diversity. What does diversity mean and how should it be considered? Should CEDA take action steps as an organization to promote diversity of participation? The team may establish a new diversity statement and action plan for the organization, and/or consider non-prescriptive models for individual programs. An important goal of this effort will likely be self-reflection, and possibly a template or sample document useful to individual programs. 

3. Who is CEDA? The goal of this project team is to revisit the Mission statement of CEDA? Should it be revised? Does it reflect who we are and what we do? What steps can we take as an organization to bring our organizational behavior in line with our stated mission? How does this impact our niche in the marketplace of academic debate and 
forensics organizations and beyond? What is our "Brand" and how can we do a better job of promoting it? 

4. Public Relations. CEDA needs a brochure, a logo, a press kit. The PR committee can use the opportunity of the summer meeting to begin the work of preparing such materials.

Saturday, June 3

2006 Program Development and Retention Agenda


10:00-10:30    Mike Davis, James Madison University, "Proposal for CEDA Sponsorship

                        of Emerging Programs"

10:45-11:15    Jackie Massey, University of Oklahoma, "Starting Programs from


11:30-12:00    Darren Elliot, Kansas City Kansas Community College, "Reaching Out to

                        Community College Programs"

12:00-12:30    Andy Ellis, Baltimore Debate, "Developing Networks that Support New

                        Debate Programs"


1:00-2:00:       Lunch


2:00-3:00        Suggestions From the Community for Program Retention.


3:00-6:00        Working Groups

Sunday, June 4

Informal survivors breakfast meeting

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