Leeper, Karla Karla_Leeper
Tue May 30 16:00:20 CDT 2006

Dear friends,
As some of you may have heard, I have accepted a new position as of June
1.  I will leave my job as Director of Forensics and Chair of the
Communication Studies Department to become the Chief of Staff to the new
President of Baylor University. This is a big change but I am excited
about the new challenges.  My hiring is a testament to the skills and
experience that debate has provided to me.
I have also resigned as Chair of the NDT Committee effective
immediately.  I do not feel that I could adequately serve the NDT or my
University if I kept my position.  I have communicated with the
committee via email and we have selected a new chair.  I am pleased to
announce that Dr. Tim O'Donnell from Mary Washington will serve as the
new chair of the NDT Committee.  I have been privileged to work with an
excellent group of people over the last two years.  The committee works
hard, is conscientious about their responsibilities and they do their
best to make sure that a diversity of viewpoints have been represented.
Anyone who doubts that is just unfamiliar with the work they have done.
Tim will do a great job of providing leadership to this group.
Dr. Matt Gerber will be taking over as Director of the Baylor Debate
program.  I also believe that he will do a great job of providing
leadership to our program.
I have been involved in debate for about 27 years.  I have grown as a
person and I have made tremendous friendships.  I received this offer
quite unexpectedly and the thought of leaving debate was more than a
little unsettling.   It was hard to make the decision to leave, but this
is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I will continue to do what
I can in my new position to promote our activity and I will do my best
to stay connected.  And I will look forwad to seeing many of you at NCA
and the NDT in Dallas.
Best Regards,
Karla Leeper
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