[eDebate] Topic Committee Meetings - please post comments on the blog

Gordon Stables stables
Wed May 31 01:40:03 CDT 2006

Thanks to everyone for their input in these last few weeks. We have 
received some amazing contributions from all quarters of the community 
(alums, current students, high school coaches, coaches, etc.). Everyone 
deserves a big thank you - but how often do we thank Tim Mahoney enough? 
Do you know of anyone else who has offered to host the NDT and CEDA 
(twice in two years) and now writes topic papers? Thanks to you Tim and 
everyone for your work.

In the next few days we will have a lot to consider and thanks to Chief 
you will have a great deal of access to the meetings. Please see his 
earlier email for the video feed details. We expect the posted papers, 
video feed and blog to help make this very accessible to the community.

In order for us to be able to make some sense of your feedback it would 
be best if you can use the ceda topic blog, 
http://cedatopic.blogspot.com/    Between backchannels and edebate posts 
it is very difficult for any of the committee to process all of the 
input while the meetings are in progress. If, however, you add comments 
to the blog it is able to be viewed by the entire committee (as well as 
the community) and it keeps the conversation organized.

Throughout each session we will add more  posts to keep you informed and 
allow us to get the most from your feedback. Thanks!



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