[eDebate] Cite request- Kyoto decreses oil prices/ other kyoto cards

Lawrence Grandpre lgof03
Wed May 31 12:00:27 CDT 2006

Hey all. My name is Lawrence Grandpre and I am
currently coaching Baltimore City College High School.
They're sending a public forum team to NFLs and I was
wondering if anyone out there could hook me with the
cites to some cards:

Kyoto decreases oil prices

Kyoto increases soft power 

Kyoto increases outsourcing

I have a ton of permits stuff, but if yall have some
kyoto specific cards from backfiles it would be
appreciated. Were a small, public school with a few
deticated debaters. Half of this team got to quaters
last year so were hoping for better this year. Any and
all help is apprecaited.

Thank you, 

Lawrence Grandpre

Whitman College

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