[eDebate] My thoughts on Hanson's All American plan!

Samnelson4 at aol.com Samnelson4
Wed May 31 20:29:48 CDT 2006

I think Jim's plan is better than the status quo. My suggestions to make it 
even better:

1) Get rid of the "superduper" exceptional All American and Academic All 
American categories. Just have All Americans. I think the "exceptional" category 
marginalizes the other award and confuses because he has no sports equivalent 
that the uninitiated can latch on to.

2) Have  a process where one can nominate someone who does not fit into 
Hanson's strict criteria. The Awards committee can then decide if they want to 
award an All American award to someone who does not fit the criteria. For example 
say a student starts a program (finds funding, debaters, coaching, etc.) but 
has not had the competitive success or the number of tournaments under Hanson's 
inflexible criteria-of-iron. I think there should be a loophole so that the 
committee can award this person All American honors. This may seem arbitrary. I 
call it nurturing!



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