[eDebate] OU Debate Coaching Addition!

J T jtedebate
Mon May 1 19:37:10 CDT 2006

Welcome to the district Jillian!  

debate at ou.edu wrote: 
I am happy to announce that the OU Debate Team has aquired a new coach, the one and only,

Jillian Marty, graduate of Alabama for her MA, and the University of Vermont for her BA, and debater for the 
University of Vermont where she served as President of the team almost the entire time she was there.

All the way from the Bronx, she is now a PHD Candidate in the Unviersity of Oklahoma Speech Communication 

Jillian has also offered to help coach and judge for the team, and we are honored to have her.  There are so 
many people who are proud of her honorary achievements.

Jackie Massey
Director of Debate
University of Oklahoma

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