[eDebate] Geez - We have no method......

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Thu May 4 01:12:04 CDT 2006

>I will still not criticize your method, and don't let JP's antics water 
>down my message.  I hope those who have
>not responded are thinking about it, because the meeting will happen, and 

These are not antics, I just want to know what *your* method for writing 
and selecting a topic is. Maybe it will help in Kansas City.

(Otherwise, we will end up with topics like #8 last year. Jackie, I 
remember you supporting it. If others understood why, then maybe the topic 
might have garnered more support...)

(And yes, it matters even if we aren't on the committee...they seek as much 
input as they can.)

So, my question stands: What are you looking for in a topic? How do you 
want to get there?

This is as far as we've got:

Using your methods (as far as you've described them,) I've written 3 
resolutions for next year:
The USFG should substantially change the power of the president.
The US Supreme Court should substantially change one or more of its decisions.
The USFG should substantially change its IP law.

Is this what you mean?

If not, what do you mean?

--JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

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