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Thu May 4 07:04:28 CDT 2006

JP can kiss my @$$.

We could have this discussion in the backchannel he refuses.

I will remind him again, I am not on the topic committee, so it does not matter.  I expressed my views last year 
and it did not matter. SO shut up please!

My question to you is am i on the topic committee?


Are you?  I hope not!

I wont respond to such dipshitedness anymore.  This is exactly what I was talking about.

Show your face in Kansas City, you will hear plenty from me.


> These are not antics, I just want to know what *your* method for 
> writing 
> and selecting a topic is. Maybe it will help in Kansas City.
> (Otherwise, we will end up with topics like #8 last year. Jackie, I 
> remember you supporting it. If others understood why, then maybe 
> the topic 
> might have garnered more support...)
> (And yes, it matters even if we aren't on the committee...they seek 
> as much 
> input as they can.)
> So, my question stands: What are you looking for in a topic? How do 
> you 
> want to get there?
> This is as far as we've got:
> Using your methods (as far as you've described them,) I've written 
> 3 
> resolutions for next year:
> The USFG should substantially change the power of the president.
> The US Supreme Court should substantially change one or more of its 
> decisions.The USFG should substantially change its IP law.
> Is this what you mean?
> If not, what do you mean?
> --JP Lacy
> lacyjp at wfu.edu

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