[eDebate] Topic Framing methods and vegatable throwers!

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Thu May 4 09:11:44 CDT 2006

Yeah really

number one could be modified such as

Resolved: The USSC should reverse a past decision utilizing one of the cases currently on the docket.

keep it simple stupid is what i say

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From: Jean-Paul Lacy <lacyjp at wfu.edu>
Date: Thursday, May 4, 2006 9:05 am
Subject: Re: [eDebate] Topic Framing methods and vegatable throwers!

> >Resolved:  The United States Supreme Court should reverse its 
> decision 
> >based upon one of the cases
> >currently on the docket.
> >
> >Resolved: The USFG should reverse a United States Supreme Court 
> decision 
> >in one of the following areas:
> >Environment, civil liberties, copyright and seperation of powers.
> >
> >These are only examples, and did not involve an extensive amount 
> of thought,
> Really....

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