[eDebate] Geez - We have no method......

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Sun May 7 00:52:47 CDT 2006

Maybe this isn't it.. but I have this to say.

I was at the topic committee meeting... seems to me pretty simple, they talk 
about ideas, we have framing discussions, had wording discussions, etc.  
Paul Mose and Joelle Japser were there too... and I got assigned one night 
to make sure the co-op topic, at least in the space cooperation section was 
worded correctly.  If my freshman can get input... so can anyone.

I think I was assigned to talk about exploration the next day... we had 
meetings, folks there got research assignments to check cases, etc... and 
solvency articles... and we crafted.

There was nothing backchannel or shady about it Jackie, you just had to show 
up.  In the case of JT you just had to be online to get IMs or emails from 
me about how you thought the wording should go.

Even undergrads got assignments... people had opinions, but by and large the 
process was open and as far as crafting resolutions go.. I felt I got 
everything in I wanted to say.  We got the co-op resolution we wanted people 
to look at and vote on.

It didn't win, but I felt I crafted or helped craft a China resolution, so I 
can die happy now.

NO ONE on the commitee pretended to be an expert, and Eric Suni was probably 
quickest on the box to get info.  Hell even Ede was talking about solvency 
advocates, etc...ground.  I found it one of the most DEMYSTIFYING processes 
I've ever seen.  Everyone at home I communicated with got input.

Yeah its hard to get to Kansas City, but if you want to shape the topic, its 
worth the trip.  Hell I'm leaving for law school and I'm trying to get to 
the topic meeting just because the process itself was pretty damned cool and 

I love ya Jackie, but dude... go to KC and see it firsthand.  It's not all 
that damned elitist, its pretty populist.  Ross Smith makes good jokes too.  
Everyone gets input... but you know decisions are made.

Ken D.

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