[eDebate] Geez - We have no method......

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun May 7 11:59:05 CDT 2006


Two things were exposed by this email:

1.  People who support traditional topic construction are sheep

"I think this explains how the cattle is herded, but what are the pillars of
pedigogy utilized to create a topic wording."

It sure is nice that Jackie is around to set us all straight about what the
liberatory pedagogy is...Golly gee, and before I met Jack I looked and acted
just like sheep...Thank goodness for the Jackie method....Thank God he is
coming to save us all with his liberatory methods.  Jack brand Topics "thank

2. The topic committee and relationship to the larges community are most
characterized by shadiness.

"If you want to say nothing "shady" happens in this community dealing with
rules, what the topic areas are and other issues, then you are really just
kissing some a$$ right now."

Yes, its true, even though he is leaving the community he just HAD to smooch
some ass before he left.  You are so wise....Your backhanded "I am sure
people really try" stuff is exposed for what it is nonsense.  You are on a
crusade and the topic committee will feel your crusading presence soon.

Most important, you are right, I know when I was on the topic committee we
got together in our secret community circumventing meeting prior to the open
meeting....We planned out the arguments we would have before hand so it
would appear we didnt have a real common agenda....We agreed on which topic
we would write ahead of time and the other topics were just smokescreens so
that we would never have a broad topic again.

Most important, it is obvious that you have contempt for the people and the
process.  Not sure why anyone should give you the consideration you expect
of them given your open superiority and contempt.

Maybe that wasnt what you intended?  If not, your frustrations with the
process are igniting some reactions that maybe are a bit over the line?

I am looking forward to the "Post Topic Committee" Jackie report which I
suspect will read like somewhat like the Weekly World News.

Frankly, this isnt even about broad or limited topics....As you know, I like
limited topics, but I am more than willing to go with a "Jackie" topic once
as an experiment...I, for one, cant wait to see the miraculous effects.

aka topic committee ass kisser
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