[eDebate] Geez - We have no method......

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Sun May 7 14:09:27 CDT 2006

Topic Comittee Ass Kisser,

Did the typo errors bother you?  I guess that proves I cant live up to your standards.

Should I wear a scarlet letter A to the meeting, so everyone can know i am the egocentric dumbass that knows 
nothing about debate and must have josh hoe interpret what I say so everyone can understand.

Us dumb people that like broad resolutions and dont need it explicated in the resolution might need directions 
to KC, you got any josh?


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From: Josh Hoe <jbhdb8 at gmail.com>
Date: Sunday, May 7, 2006 11:59 am
Subject: Re: [eDebate] Geez - We have no method......

> Hello,
> Two things were exposed by this email:
> 1.  People who support traditional topic construction are sheep
> "I think this explains how the cattle is herded, but what are the 
> pillars of
> pedigogy utilized to create a topic wording."
> It sure is nice that Jackie is around to set us all straight about 
> what the
> liberatory pedagogy is...Golly gee, and before I met Jack I looked 
> and acted
> just like sheep...Thank goodness for the Jackie method....Thank God 
> he is
> coming to save us all with his liberatory methods.  Jack brand 
> Topics "thank
> goodness."
> 2. The topic committee and relationship to the larges community are 
> mostcharacterized by shadiness.
> "If you want to say nothing "shady" happens in this community 
> dealing with
> rules, what the topic areas are and other issues, then you are 
> really just
> kissing some a$$ right now."
> Yes, its true, even though he is leaving the community he just HAD 
> to smooch
> some ass before he left.  You are so wise....Your backhanded "I am 
> surepeople really try" stuff is exposed for what it is nonsense.  
> You are on a
> crusade and the topic committee will feel your crusading presence 
> soon.
> Most important, you are right, I know when I was on the topic 
> committee we
> got together in our secret community circumventing meeting prior to 
> the open
> meeting....We planned out the arguments we would have before hand 
> so it
> would appear we didnt have a real common agenda....We agreed on 
> which topic
> we would write ahead of time and the other topics were just 
> smokescreens so
> that we would never have a broad topic again.
> Most important, it is obvious that you have contempt for the people 
> and the
> process.  Not sure why anyone should give you the consideration you 
> expectof them given your open superiority and contempt.
> Maybe that wasnt what you intended?  If not, your frustrations with 
> theprocess are igniting some reactions that maybe are a bit over 
> the line?
> I am looking forward to the "Post Topic Committee" Jackie report 
> which I
> suspect will read like somewhat like the Weekly World News.
> Frankly, this isnt even about broad or limited topics....As you 
> know, I like
> limited topics, but I am more than willing to go with a "Jackie" 
> topic once
> as an experiment...I, for one, cant wait to see the miraculous 
> effects.
> Josh
> aka topic committee ass kisser

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