[eDebate] VEGETABLES!!!

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun May 7 15:49:48 CDT 2006

creamed corn is not per se a vegetable

On 5/7/06, Michael Korcok <mmk_savant at hotmail.com> wrote:
> THE MAN refuses to get the vegetable tossers.  NUTHIN!
> protestationalization with kumquats!  kritikation broccoli-style.
> remote-controlled-bioengineered-avocado-democracy!  SISTERS and BROTHERS
> we
> will make ( http://www.kumquatgrowers.com/ ) unwitting agents of THE
> WE DEMAND: a people's army of sophomores from KU or KSU or ESU or WSU or
> KCKCC or JCCC or UMKC or OOOOH THE FORT! a horde of arms stolen from the
> farm!
> WE DEMAND:  IM wireless, a bushel-basket, and an unobstructed 270-degree
> view of the main meeting room for each glorious resolution revolutionary.
> oh yeah, and 380 pounds of well aged vegetables.
> WE DEMAND: an end to talky-talky-blah-blah-blah bureaucro-fascist
> resolution
> construction
> nothing will stop the insipid rhetoric of solvency advocacy except soft
> cucumber missiles, nothing will bring justice to the purveyors of fair
> ground faster than hurled cream corn, and nothing will bring the system to
> its knees with the inevitability of rancid brussel sprouts.
> Michael Korcok
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